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Spas of America connects Consumers with the Spa and Wellness Experiences they’re looking for.

Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, Spas of America

Spas of America is the largest spa and wellness travel website, showcasing over 900 of the best resort, hotel, and health spas and wellness experiences to consumers around the world.

We inspire healthy living and travel by providing consumers with a beautiful, clean, easy-to-use online experience in HD quality. The website allows consumers to search for spas by name, keyword, location or experience, and to browse spas on an interactive map.

Each year Spas of America reaches over one million consumers.


Spas of America inspires healthy living and travel.  Our audience is very targeted:

      • 90% USA/Canada, 10% International
      • 70% female- 25-65 years of age (median age 39)
      • High household income ($75K – $250K)
      • College-educated
      • Health, wellness, and travel oriented

Our target market is the top five percent of earners responsible for 38% of all personal consumption.

Spa Marketing & Media Partnership

Spas of America’s objective is to help increase the positioning of our spa partners with the goal of building the brand, driving traffic, generating bookings, and growing revenue. To accomplish this we work with our partners on an integrated marketing and media partnership that includes, marketing, media, editorial, Social Media, and contests/lead generation. Spas of America can create a spa marketing and media partnership solution for any size property.

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Contact Spas of America today to learn how we can work together. Call toll-free at 1.888.688.7727 or via email at: [email protected]

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